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₹ 5 Lakh Group Started On 16.05.2021 At Vaiyampatti....

SJC Managing Director

Mr.Arumugam.M - Managing Director

The cause for developing such a great organization called "Sree Jayanathan Chits (P) Ltd" is a flourished fertile agricultural land that is located in a village called Meenachipuram near Vaiyampatty. Our Managing Director Mr.M.Arumugam is the only son of his parents Mr.Malayandi and Mrs.Kasiyammal, who have been in the beautiful village that holds nature and spiritual values of God. He completed his school from a government high school, and he completed his graduation in BBA from Bharathidhasan University, Trichy.

He started his career as a Branch Manager in the Postal department that has been a tradition followed for more than 15 years ago. At the same time, he was very supportive of his parents, who were involved in agriculture that serves as the backbone of India. During his period of work, he was an honest, trustworthy, and dedicated person. He worked hard and put all his efforts into the development of the office. He analyzed the importance of savings and showed much interest in chits, which directs him to start an organization called "Sree Jayanathan Chits (P) Ltd.," at Vaiyampatty. By knowing the key features of the organization, he found and picked loyal customers in the village and joined them in the chit funds. He enabled the treasures and provided funds for them that no one else could do.

After ensuring the financial growth of the families, he widened his plan to start new branches and increased the number of customers by developing the best financial organization yet a huge one. He holds Perseverance and Hardwork in his hands, and his strong goal in life is to spread trust that should reach all human beings and countries.

Mr.Murugesan.U - Director

Mr.Murugesan.U was born to Mr.Ulagappan and Mrs.Vasantha, who lived in the prosperous village of Meenakshipuram. Their main occupation was farming fields in this beautiful village that connects the sky and earth and makes nature it's own. He wished to undertake graduation, but he could not do it due to the poor economic growth of his family.

Therefore, he provided full support to Mr.M.Arumugam, the Managing Director of Sree Jayanathan Chits. He has been a strength and worked hard for the establishment and growth of the organization. He has been an inspiration in the lives of customers and the hearts of employees. Honesty, patience, and calmness are his key values.

SJC Director
SJC Director

Mr.Partha Sarathi.L- Director

Mr.Partha Sarathi.L is a proven leader, having worked and learned under strong mentors himself, and his success lies in his commitment to taking a ‘hands-on’ management approach. This allows him to not only guarantee that the highest standard of work and materials are delivered for each project but also to ensure the best experience for each client through honest and efficient communication and project adaptability. Sarathi takes the time to understand the goals and expectations of each client and works closely with them in generating solutions that will not only look good but will be functional and durable.