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The visitors are cautioned to read all the terms and conditions under which they can access the site for membership and the services offered by the site. Only visitors agreeing for these terms may access the site for membership or for availing any of the free or paid services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. IF THE VISITOR DOES NOT AGREE TO ANY OF THESE TERMS, HE/SHE IS ADVISED NOT TO FURTHER ACCESS THE SITE OR REGISTER FOR MEMBERSHIP.

1. Foreman Commission 5% Under The Government Rule

2. Monthly Installment Must Be Paid Before the Chit Date

3. This Chit Is Not Auctioned, It Is A FIXED Chit and Will Be Given in A Shake-Up Manner If Asked by One Or More Persons in The Same Month.

4. It Happens to Leave the Chit in The Interim, The Company Will Pay the Money Customer Without Interest After The 20th Month of The Group and The 2% Commission of The Chit Amount Will Be Debit.

5. If Customer Picked Up the Chit, One of His Family Members and Two Outsiders Must Give Zamin. Document MOD or Government Surety Should Be Given as Per the Value of the Chit. A Customer Must Be Given Maximum Four Cheque Leaf.

6. Chits for The Company's Holidays Would Be Held On Time the Next Day.

7. I Also Agree That I Will Join Chit of This Company Only After I Am Fully Aware of the Above Terms.