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SJC Managing Director


Managing Director

Mr. Arumugam is the founder of Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. Having born in Vaiyampatti, a village in Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirappalli district into a family of farmers, Mr. Arumugam took education from a Government high school, and then went on pursuing ITI and then became a diesel mechanic. He had the ardour to study more and he went on and completed BBA in Bharathidasan University, Trichy. He had great love for his hometown and the people there and so he always wanted to give back to the village that made him what he is.

Initially, he had to go with the flow and the tide took him to the Postal Department where he kick started his career as Postmaster. He did not just do his salaried job to the fullest but also farming. In his leisure time he wanted to help his parents in agriculture since deep inside he knew that someday everyone, rich or poor, has to cultivate their own food for existence. After a few years of serving in the Postal Department Mr.Arumugam decided to start a chit fund company since he was very much interested in money savings, chit schemes etc. and that is how the idea of starting Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. was born in his mind. With the support of his family, earnestness, perseverance and integrity he started the company in 2008. In fact it'd be very apt to call him the Father of Sree Jayanathan Chit Funds.

In an effort to give back to the village where he was born and raised, he handpicked 20 loyal customers of his and employed them in his company. He was not only keen in his company's development but also that of it's employees. As a founder, leader, mentor he made sure that himself, the company and it's employees are all nurtured and developed together. What started as a small company in Vaiyampatti has now spread out its wings serving thousands of customers across Tamilnadu.

SJC Director



Mr. Murugesan one of the Directors of Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. was born and brought up in a beautiful hamlet called Meenakshipuram, where farming was the primary occupation of many. He was an ambitious and passionate young man but due to his family's economic circumstances the then enthusiastic teen couldn't continue to go to college. But not being able to go to college didn't stop him, he was in a swivel to find ways to help bring up his family's financial situation and that was when he held hands with his close friend, Managing director of Jayanathan Chit Funds.

Mr.Arumugam andDirector Parthasarathi. The three enthusiastically started the company and became first gen successful entrepreneurs. His tough grind and rigorous contribution helped in the company's growth and that's what made him what he is today. This Gentleman continues to inspire many customers even today and he is the favorite of all employees in the company because of his honesty, passion, hard work and self-composure.

SJC Director

Mr.Partha Sarathi.L


Mr.Partha Sarathi, one of the Directors of Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. is a supremely experienced person and is the right fit in the board of directors. He has had 20 years of experience in the chit funds domain. Prior to joining as Director in Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. he worked several jobs as a Mechanic and many other humble jobs before he took off to Singapore. He was there for nearly 3.5 years in Singapore and has gathered great knowledge. All the knowledge he acquired made him the best leader. His leadership qualities and commitment towards the company is unmatchable.

His experiential and hands on approach towards managing the company, staff members and the clients is a standout. He puts client satisfaction first and takes time to understand their expectation and then he curates solutions that will be practical and effective. His true zeal and diligence towards work makes him a true asset to the company. The trio today are not just first gen businessmen but now they run a chain of businesses in various verticals such as Hotel, Transport and a Chain of supermarkets. The uniqueness in their businesses is that they stay number one in all what they do.

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