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SJC Managing Director

Welcome to Sree Jayanathan Chits

Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd Sree Jayanathan Chits Pvt Ltd. is a registered financial institution that was started in 1997 to manage, conduct and supervise chit schemes. With our registered office situated in Vaiyampatti and head office at MRC complex, Trichy we've been serving customers for 27 successful years now. Our first chit value in 1997 was 20,000 rupees with 20 members.

The company slowly and steadily grew bigger and now has a big clientele across Tamilnadu with the maximum chit value of the company being 2 crore rupees. This growth was possible only because Sree Jayanathan Chits has a strong footing in our customers' heart as the most trusted chit funds company.

Our chit plans are customer friendly and have been designed keeping customers in mind. In SJC there are chit plans for everyone. With our clientele's enormous support and growth, we have our branches at Thanjavur, Thuvarangkuruchi, Dindigul, Karaikudi, Karur, Madurai And Namakkal. We have a huge customer base in Tamil Nadu. We are striving hard to serve you better in the future.

SJC Team Morale

We at Sree Jayanathan Chits believe our employees should grow as the company grows. Satisfied and positive employees are more productive and contribute to a happier work environment. In order to enhance employee satisfaction, their outlook towards the job we have undertaken various programmes.


Leadership training at SJC is aimed at promoting independently thinking employees and for them to perform exceptionally in their roles. Our training has helped transform our employees' professional mindsets. Our leadership programme has given rise to awesome leaders within the company and the work is done faster and any issues are easily resolved thereby creating an enjoyable work environment for all.


TANISA is an unique employee recognition event that is conducted every month to reward exceptionally performing employees. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work. It is an affirmation that their work is valued by others. Eventually by doing this employee recognition programme we have seen that their satisfaction and productivity rises and they are motivated to maintain and improve their good work.


We encourage all employees to take part in daily yoga classes that are conducted in the morning during office hours. This is to improve concentration, focus and to keep away stress. Our employees say that they are able to concentrate better on their tasks and are able to make intelligent decisions. We at SJC believe that Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are a great way to declutter the mind and stress that is hindering productivity.

History In Words

SJC made its footprint in the financial sector 25 years ago. With this, its getting entry into the 27th year with a pride of achieving a milestone. The chit has gained renumerable experience with the passage of time and thus its completing a decade here. In this vast changing scenario, SJC's unchanging values like honesty, integrity, high quality of service and performance helped in sustaining its leadership position.

On Time Delivery

On time delivery is an important aspect for the establishment as well as for the subscriber to avoid any embarrassment at the time of releasing the fund. The first and foremost thing that the organisation focus on is their delivery excellence that takes in the long run.

Our Experience

Our organisation is built with a team of professionals whose objective is to provide appropriate financial plans to its customers respective to their need and requirement. Built on mutual trust and respect, we value the relationships that connects us with the customers. It is our endeavour to make every relationship fulfilling and enriching.

Our Value

SJC is quoted with strong values and business ethics. Our highest values of operation are trust, stability, reliability, transparency and performance. SJC has all these credentials to become a successful Chit fund operator.Our chits is designed to cater people of all income groups and all segments of the society.

Helping all your financial needs.

We stand first to helping our customers during their Auspicious Ceremonies by satisfying their financial needs.We aim to know the needs of a customer and, we are very specific in fulfilling their needs by providing them what they really want.

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Our Certification

We are an ISO certified company. We swear by our company's ethics. We are an honest, transparent and highly driven by virtues company. We value the welfare of our customers more than anything and that is what makes us a numero uno in our field.

SJC ISO Certification
25 years of SJC
SJC ISO Certification